Best SSL Plugins for WordPress 2021


Best SSL Plugins for WordPress 2021

Really Simple SSL is among the best SSL plugins WordPress. It finds the document without any help and makes the necessary arrangements. This tool is very helpful and very easy to exploit. There's a premium option of the instrument, which comes with advanced functionalities, such as a mixed content scan, advanced security headers, detailed feedback on the configuration page, etc.

Really Simple SSL
Price: Free 

One Click SSL is another representative of functional and smooth tools. It will accomplish the necessary activities to redirect all non-SSL pages to SSL and make all your sources processed over the new order. As its name indicates, it accomplishes its work with one click.

One Click SSL
Developer: Tribulant Software
Price: Free 

Free SSL Certificate & HTTPS Redirect for WordPress is for those not provided with free SSL by a hosting supplier and who don't want to buy one. This great tool offers users a free certificate from Let's Encrypt and a plugin to deal with it. You just need to make several clicks to redirect all traffic. The instrument also has a pro version, which will please the owner with several useful automated features, such as validating domain ownership, premium support, etc.

Easy HTTPS Redirection (SSL) is among the popular SSL plugins for WordPress, which finds its application when you've already installed a certificate and all is working correctly. The tool helps you force search engines to index your HTTPS version of the pages. Thus, when someone wants to access the non-https version, they'll be redirected to your https-version.

WP Force SSL  assists you in redirecting the HTTP traffic to secure HTTPS. All you need to do is activate the plugin, and it will arrange everything for you. The distinctive feature of this product is the certificate testing tool, which you can use for checking the validity of the certificate and whether it is installed properly.

SSL Insecure Content Fixer will clean up vulnerable content pieces. It will work with your site right after activation and perform the fixes on the basic level. Meanwhile, there are also advanced fix levels if you need comprehensive cleaning.

SSL Insecure Content Fixer
Developer: WebAware
Price: Free 

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