VLC Media Player - Essential software for Windows 10 - Download 2021


VLC Media Player - Essential software for Windows 10 - Download 2021

Available on all digital systems, VLC Media Player is a multimedia player supporting most audio and video formats, media codecs, DVDs, CDs, VCDs, WebTVs and the list goes on and on.

With a large community of contributors, VLC Media Player also offers a large catalog of extensions and themes, for those who wish to customize their functionality and appearance.
With its new “Vetinari” version, VLC now supports 360 video, 3D sound and HDR (High Dynamic Range) content which improves color depth and contrast intensity.
This update also offers the ability to stream video to your TV via Chromecast, Google's media box. Your PC and VLC will act as a player, while Chromecast will stream it to your TV, as long as everything is on the same wi-fi network.
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