YouTube Kids officially has its own website 2021


YouTube Kids officially has its own website

The video platform for children also offers new age categories.

It's official: the YouTube Kids service dedicated to children has its own website . Indeed, the video platform for children is now completely independent from YouTube. It is a strategy that confirms the various actions implemented by Youtube in recent months, with the aim of improving the children's experience and reassuring parents .

A new website inspired by the YouTube Kids app

The YouTube Kids website has only been around for a few days. The teams who worked on it explain that it is in all respects similar to the YouTube Kids application which has already existed for a while. The functionality and architecture of the site are very similar. It is a real  step for YouTube which separates from its baby.

In addition to this announcement, YouTube Kids said that its website offers new categories . The goal is clear: young YouTube users must be able to explore all the content available in a safer environment. For this, three age categories are available: the 1st is intended for children under 4 years old. The second for children from 5 to 7 years old and the last for children from 8 to 12 years old.

Safety is at the heart of the project
For several years, YouTube Kids has been a service that asks Google a lot of questions. The company has to deal with issues related to the age of the children or even the parental control necessary for such a service. Last June, YouTube Kids already announced that it wanted to strengthen its protection policy for children. Very often criticized for the ineffectiveness of its algorithmic filtering, the platform gave parents more control.

The application dedicated to children, launched in France in November 2016, offers features that allow parents to filter content , to prevent their children from watching anything. Parents have the choice of activating an option secured by a password in the profile settings, to choose the content available in their children's application. Today YouTube Kids is taking off for even more security.

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