Philips 65OLED+935 - REVIEWS

Philips 65OLED+935 - REVIEWS

Are AI picture processing, Ambilight and a built-in Atmos speaker system enough to make Philips’ latest flagship TV stand out from the OLED crowd?


Exceptional picture quality

Class-leading sound quality

HDR10+ and Dolby Vision support


No 4K/120Hz, variable refresh rate or auto low latency mode features

If you have an external audio system already, you’re paying for a soundbar you don’t need

Some occasional very mild black crush

If you are a gamer, then the Philips OLED+935 range is not for you. Still with us? Good.


If you are a fan of superb picture and sound quality, then sign right up. The OLED+935 is a combination of luxurious design, exceptional image quality and class-leading sound for a TV. HDR virtually glows off the screen thanks to the set’s high brightness while maintaining the deep black levels OLED is known. Clarity and detail – especially in near dark or brighter parts of an image – is excellent. With its new AI technology, the set’s upscaling has improved its ability to handle sub-4K content.


Sound-wise you get a thumping integrated (and actual) Dolby Atmos system that is nearly as good as a soundbar separate. And that soundbar is not just great with movies, it can do stereo music with aplomb. It is another superb ‘all-in-one’ OLED from Philips.

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