Microsoft: How do I install the Windows 11 beta?


Microsoft: How do I install the Windows 11 beta?

As promised, Microsoft has released the preview of Windows 11 for members of the Windows Insider program You can also download the files to create a USB drive and manually install the new operating system.

Following Microsoft's presentation of Windows 11, the Redmond firm had promised to make the beta of the operating system available to members of the Windows Insider program as early as this week. It's done. The insiders can already install Windows 11 through Windows Update. Nothing could be simpler, just activate the distribution channel reserved for developers and check for updates.

If you are not an insider , you will need to register for the program first. Go to the Update & Security tab, then all the way down to Windows Insider Program. To subscribe, complete your Microsoft account, then restart. Then select the right distribution channel. Windows may ask for new permissions to pass diagnostics on your machine, and you will have no choice but to accept. A new restart will be required to get the update in the Windows Update tab.

Be aware that if you update your Windows 10 operating system to Windows 11, it will not be possible to roll back . At best, you can opt out of the Insider program and wait for the OS to come out in its final version.

How to retrieve the installation file

There is also a method to grab the installation files and turn them into a disk image (ISO file) for manual installation. It is the UUP dump site which allows such manipulation. To do this, it retrieves the necessary files directly from the Windows Update servers in order to create a disk image. All that remains is to move it to a bootable USB key.

We have selected the correct update for you ( Professional Edition in French ). After downloading, put the contents of the archive in a folder, then run the uup_download_windows.cmd file. If all goes well after a good 30 minutes or so, you should find your .iso file in the previously created folder.

You can then use the Rufus utility, balenaEtcher or any other software to create a bootable USB drive and install the Windows 11 beta on your test machine.

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