What is meant by the term “metaverse” that Mark Zuckerberg wants to change the name of Facebook to denote ?

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What is meant by the term “metaverse” that Mark Zuckerberg wants to change the name of Facebook to denote?

 If you follow technical news, you must have heard about the news that we transmitted on our Facebook page , which states that Facebook intends to change its name to another that reflects the company’s contribution to the field of “Metaverse”, and reactions to this news varied among those who asked about the meaning This strange word, and who thinks that this is an exposed ploy from Facebook to avoid the problems that the company is going through, so what is the story?

 Facebook is not the first company to take such a radical decision, in 2015 Google put its name within the Alphabet companies domain, which was also surprising news for everyone, as Google restructured itself within this name while preserving its identity.

 why would Facebook want to associate its name with it, and what would that mean for users?

What is meant by the term “metaverse”?

The word “Metaverse” combines the word “meta” and the word “virus” from the word “Universe” which means the world in English, and thus is a term to describe the digital world, with which many users can interact in a three-dimensional environment. Where the virtual world is considered the future of the Internet, which draws the attention of companies to invest in and develop this field, and this idea emerged from the world of Metaverse.

Metaverse is a digital virtual reality, that helps humans to engage interactively, for example, if today we can attend a meeting with audio and video, in metaverse we will be able to attend it with 3D technology that appears in the movements of the face and hands, as it exists in reality, but you will also be able to be in the places where you want to use this technique.

Accordingly, we can define metaverse as a new world of the Internet that is accessed using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies, which is a real revolution in technology, as smartphones may be completely replaced in the future by these technologies, which he believes in. Mark Zuckerberg exactly, when he stated this when he revealed the new Facebook glasses in collaboration with Ray Ban

The term “metaverse” was coined by American novelist Neil Stevenson in his novel “Snow Crash”, and is considered a science fiction work, which discusses the idea of ​​humans resorting to living in a virtual anthropomorphic world .

Facebook announced last month that it would allocate $50 million to the development of metaverses, and said it would partner with civil rights groups, NGOs, governments and universities to develop products that support metaverses. He also stated Mark Zukirberg that he intends to make his list entirely on the field Almitaavirs within five years, while the company stated that we may have to wait 15 years to saluting we can see the first products based on Almitaavirs.

Although it seems very far from being achieved, who is guaranteed to live fifteen years; However, Facebook is taking the matter very seriously, as it has hired 10,000 employees from different European countries to build the Metaverse.

Of course, we can not forget to mention that Facebook owns Oculus, which is the dominant company in the field of virtual and augmented reality glasses and is the cornerstone of the worlds of Metaverse.

 reflects the company's effort in the field of metaverses, which it fully believes will be the future of the modern Internet, in which the virtual and real worlds are uniquely harmonious.

Will the company name change be applied to the famous social networking site?

Facebook does not intend to change the name of its service specifically, but rather wants to change the name of the parent company that owns Facebook services, as the famous social networking site will remain with the same name; But it will be owned by another company with a different name, as well as WhatsApp and Instagram, where the name of the parent company will be changed and not the services.

One of the reasons that Facebook considers the importance of changing the name of the company is to avoid mass failures in the future, as we saw previously when all the Facebook platforms represented by Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram were disrupted at the same time due to an error occurred in the Facebook platform, so putting all those services under the name of a company A different mother will help to avoid future technical disasters.

So.. what will be the new name for Facebook?

To date, no decision has been made of any kind of official statements regarding the management of Facebook, as this step is considered an important step in building institutional identities. But some sites have stated about this important decision , and stated that the goal of changing the name is to reformulate Facebook as a concept of social communication.

So far, Mark has not specified the new name of his company, and no one knows what it will be, but some reports indicated that this historic decision for the company will be discussed at its annual “ connect ” conference dedicated to reviewing what the company has achieved with regard to virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR), which will be held On October 28 this year.

Whatever the new name of Facebook - the parent company - we are living through an important period in modern technical history, where Facebook will begin to move to a completely new stage and line its front pages in the future of the modern Internet.

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