Best 80-82-85 Inch OLED TV: LG OLED83C1PUA


Best 80-82-85 Inch OLED TV: LG OLED83C1PUA

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The best OLED in this size range is the LG OLED83C1PUA. It's one of the first OLED TVs in this unique 83 inch size, and we expect it to perform the same as the 55 inch model we tested. The main advantage of OLEDs over the LED competition is how they can turn off individual pixels. It results in a near-infinite contrast ratio with inky blacks and no blooming around bright objects.

If you're looking for an impressive gaming experience, it has four HDMI 2.1 inputs and variable refresh rate (VRR) support, a near-instantaneous response time, and low input lag for responsive gaming. Fans of HDR content should appreciate its wide color gamut, and thanks to the deep blacks, it delivers an impressive HDR experience, but it's not quite bright enough for some small highlights to stand out. Since each pixel emits light in all directions, it also has wide viewing angles, so the image remains accurate when viewing from the side.

Sadly, our unit has poor out-of-the-box accuracy. It can vary between units, so you may not need to get it calibrated to enjoy it to the fullest. OLEDs risk permanent burn-in, which could be problematic with constant exposure to static displays, but we don't expect it to be a problem for those who watch varied content. Overall, this is the best big-screen TV with an OLED panel.

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