How To Earn Free Bitcoin: 10 Methods [Guide]

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 How To Earn Free Bitcoin: 10 Methods [Guide]

To get to own Bitcoins, several ways exist and can all allow you to achieve your goals. For example, did you know that it is quite possible to earn Bitcoins for free? Discover the 10 best methods to earn free bitcoin!

How To Earn Free Bitcoin: 10 Methods

1 - Coinbase Earn

Coinbase is a great way to earn Bitcoin for free. This is a system that allows Coinbase to provide you with lessons on certain digital currencies from the Coinbase Earn app. This system has been in place since 2019 and now has more than 8 Tokens that you can master for remuneration.

You can earn $ 5 in just a few minutes by watching a video and then responding to a quick qcm. On the other hand, you will have to wait to be accepted for the paid course. You can then choose to cash in by converting the earned btcs, or hold onto them until they rise in value - as Satoshi's early investors did.

2 - Crypto Affiliation

Crypto membership is also on the rise in the free bitcoin earning industry. It will mainly be to advertise a company, to attract customers to it to earn Bitcoins. You have the option of indirect affiliation through trading paleiforms or even portfolios. For the direct method, you will need to go to specific sites where you will be entitled to duly established affiliate programs. It is possible to earn between a few 0.03 BTC (also called Satoshi) there.

3 - crypto blog

The concept of earning Bitcoin with blogging is quite interesting. In this case, whichever side you find yourself on, the winnings will be there. Indeed, the blogger can earn by writing articles, and for his part, a reader also earns bitcoins by reading and commenting. Perhaps the most interesting is the fact that you can be a blogger and a reader at the same time. Gains vary between 20% and 25% for readers and between 75% and 100% for copywriters.

4 - Bitcoin Casino Bonus

You can also earn bitcoins for free by signing up to online casinos. Indeed, as a welcome gift, some casinos offer bitcoins. It is also possible to win by playing classic casino games such as roulette, poker or even the slot machine. Bitcoin earned depends on the amount of your deposit. It is however possible to earn up to 120% of your investment in Bitcoin.

5 - Video Games

How about playing while making money? Well, you might get the chance on some online platform. In simpler terms, you will have to participate in competitions at the end of which you will earn bitcoins if you win the game. Apart from competitions, there are also one-off games that you could attend that could earn you bitcoin for free.

6 - NFT

NFTs also save a lot of money in Bitcoin. Non Fongible Tokens are actually tokens representing a digital object that you own. A non-fungible token owned by someone cannot be converted into anything else. Knowing the principle of supply and demand, you can imagine that the value of the token in question climbs on its own over time. Which saves you money. It is therefore quite possible to earn up to 500% of your initial investment with patience.

7 - Staking

Why not save and earn Bitcoins at the same time? You have the option of opening a Bitcoin savings account with a platform. The latter will take care of using your savings to carry out investment operations. In return, you too earn bitcoins. As for the return, you can well expect to earn between 5 and 50%. All you have to do is choose the Token eligible for staking and convert your bitcoins into the crypto in question. Once the winnings have been made, do the opposite to get your Bitcoins back.

8 - BlockFi Wealth Management

This online platform is an investment fund specializing in cryptos. The principle is therefore the same as for traditional funds: you invest Bitcoins and you also earn it once a certain period has passed. Also, storing your Bitcoins can also generate some interest, such as staking. You are a winner on both sides.

5 mistakes to avoid to earn free bitcoin

  • 1. The too time-consuming cashback
  • 2. Trust crooked casinos
  • 3. Don't Build a Solid Affiliate Marketing Plan
  • 4. Throw yourself on the first comer to earn Airdrops
  • 5. Poorly choosing your wallet to store your earnings

1. The too time-consuming cashback

It is indeed possible to earn Bitcoins in cashback. However, basicly, this type of earning method takes quite a bit of time. Indeed in principle, you earn money in the form of discount the Osque you make purchases. If you decide to earn Bitcoin by spending all of your time on cashback, you will likely end up breaking the bank.

As you will have noticed, it is generally difficult to pass the 30% discount mark for your purchases. This means that even if you buy the same product several times, in the long run you will accumulate a staggering amount of an item that you might not be using. Less interesting, you are slowly ruining yourself.

2. Trust crooked casinos

There are now a multitude of online casinos that offer you to earn money by registering and then making a deposit. You should know, not all of these casinos are reliable. The most serious mistake you could make in this connection would be to stumble upon a casino that promises you an impossible percentage of bonus on your deposit, and then deposit all your money there.

At best, you just won't be able to withdraw the bonus immediately. At worst it will be a well-crafted scam and you will not be able to get your deposit or the alleged bonus back. Rather, you should take the time to learn about casinos and check their reliability.

3. Don't Build a Solid Affiliate Marketing Plan

To earn money in the crypto affiliation, you will not be able to rest on your laurels. It will undoubtedly be necessary to build an extremely solid marketing plan. If you only share your affiliate links with your loved ones, you have very little chance of winning new customers to the platforms, and therefore of earning Bitcoins yourself.

Also, not investing in your image on the net can hurt you. Indeed, the prospects that you attract must have confidence in you and in your words. Otherwise, there is no risk that they will follow you.

4. Throw yourself on the first comer to earn Airdrops

All that glitters is not gold. Many companies promise bitcoin rewards in exchange for ads for their products. If you really want to earn Airdrops, you should never overlook the prospecting stage for the company in question. This is most likely a scam and you will not earn anything in return, and failing to lose money you will be wasting your time.

5. Poorly choosing your wallet to store your earnings

Once you earn Bitcoins, it would be a shame to lose them right after. If you choose your portfolio the wrong way, you could not only be the victim of a scam or even lose your earnings bit by bit by paying commissions and interest. Rather, you should rely on more well-known platforms.

Earn Free Bitcoin: Direct or Indirect

Earning Bitcoin directly consists of using means that earn you bitcoin without going through remuneration organizations (Bitcoin mining, affiliation, etc.).

As for the indirect methods, these are those where you perform tasks that could earn you Bitcoins as remuneration (coinbase earn, Brave, etc.).

 Earn Bitcoin DirectlyEarning Bitcoin Indirectly
  • Save a lot
  • Increased reliability
  • Does not require any investment
  • Variety of earning methods
  • Involves having the right equipment
  • Often involves an investment
  • The payoffs aren't huge
  • The risks of scams are great

Conclusion: Earning Free Bitcoins is Possible

Earning free Bitcoins is very easy. To do this, you just need to go for the method that you think is the most profitable and viable. Choosing the right SCPI is also a must. Above all, do not forget to avoid as much as possible the mistakes that could make you lose Bitcoin rather than winning it.

Discover now a comparison of 10 methods to apply to earn free Bitcoins.

Method nameGain per day
Easy or difficult to access
Reliable or Scam
Bitcoin CasinoBonus up to 120%EasyUnreliable (crooked casinos)
Coinbase Earn50 € depending on assetEasyReliable
The Brave Navigator€ 5 or around 35 BAT (Basic Attention Token)EasyReliable
The AirdropSome BTCDifficult (find reliable companies)Unreliable (commissions are not always recoverable)
CashbackUp to 30% savingsEasyUnreliable (cashback is not automatically done)
Bitcoin miningAround 75 € per month Difficult (have the right equipment)Reliable
Bitcoin faucetsSome BTCEasyUnreliable (often a marketing technique that masks a scam)
AffiliationBitcoins (depending on membership level)EasyReliable
Staking5 - 50% for one yearEasyReliable
BlockFi Wealth ManagementAbout 4.9% of its investment in BitcoinEasyReliable

How to earn free bitcoins?

To earn free bitcoin, you can mine bitcoin. You can also go through the coinbase affiliation or even earn with coinbase earn by learning. Playing casino games is also possible.

Which applications to earn free bitcoin?

You can use SCPIs to earn free bitcoins. Online casinos or platforms like eToror or Coinbase are quite reliable.

How to earn bitcoin quickly?

To earn Bitcoin quickly, you can mine bitcoin. You can join a mining pool and you will start earning Bitcoins.

What's the best way to earn bitcoin?

The best way to earn free bitcoin is through sponsorship. By finding a platform that offers an affiliate program, you sign up and draw customers to earn bitcoins.

Earning free bitcoin: is it a scam?

Earning free bitcoin is not a scam. You can earn bItcoin by performing tasks for a fee.

What mistake not to make?

You should avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. Try to vary the bitcoin earning methods.

Can we reinvest Bitcoin earned for free?

It is quite possible to reinvest the bitcoin earned for free. You just need to get the bitcoin out of a wallet and reinvest it on the platform of your choice.

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