Sony X80J TV Review


Sony X80J TV Review

Type LED
Resolution 4k

The Sony X80J is an adequate entry-level TV. It lacks many features you'd find on higher-end TVs but performs as expected for a lower-tier IPS-type model. With a low contrast ratio, its ADS panel can't really produce deep inky blacks, and it doesn't have a local dimming feature to improve black levels. That said, it has good wide viewing angles, and it gets decently bright, so glare shouldn't be an issue in rooms with moderate amounts of light. While it has a wide color gamut for HDR content, it simply doesn't get bright enough to bring out highlights in HDR. It's fairly basic when it comes to gaming features, without variable refresh rate (VRR) or Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), and no HDMI 2.1 ports, but casual gamers should be pleased with its quick response time and low input lag. Like other 2021 Sony TVs, it comes with Google TV, which replaces Android TV.

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