Amazon Fire TV Omni Series TV Review


Amazon Fire TV Omni Series TV Review

Type LED
Resolution 4k

The Amazon Fire TV Omni Series is a very basic, entry-level 4k TV. Along with the Amazon Fire TV 4-Series, it's one of the first Amazon-branded TVs. It improves on the 4-Series marginally, with Dolby Vision support on the larger sizes and better build quality. It's great for a dark room, with excellent contrast and good black uniformity. It's bright enough to handle glare in most rooms, as long as you don't have a lot of natural light. It has a great selection of streaming apps, and it can remove judder from any source, which is uncommon for a 60Hz TV. The remote has built-in voice controls, and there are microphones on the TV for hands-free control. Unfortunately, it also has many of the same flaws as the 4-Series; it has disappointing accuracy out of the box, with just a basic white balance calibration system. It also has a slow response time, resulting in noticeable blur behind fast-moving objects.

The Amazon Fire TV Omni Series is an okay TV overall. It's alright for watching movies in a dark room, as it has excellent contrast. It's a decent choice for watching TV shows in a bright room, but it's not ideal for sports or video games due to the slow response time. Sadly, HDR adds almost nothing to movies or games, as it can't get very bright in HDR, and it can't display a wide color gamut. Finally, it's not recommended for PC use, as text looks blurry.

  • Excellent contrast.
  • Great selection of streaming apps.
  • Decent reflection handling.
  • Slow response time.
  • Disappointing accuracy and limited calibration settings.
  • Image degrades at an angle.
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