Gigabyte M32U Monitor Review


Gigabyte M32U Monitor Review

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The Gigabyte M32U is a 32 inch 4k monitor with a fast 144Hz refresh rate. It's very similar to the smaller Gigabyte M28U, but there are some minor differences between them. It's one of the few monitors with HDMI 2.1 ports, making it an excellent choice for console gamers, as it can take full advantage of most of what the Sony PS5 and Xbox Series S|X have to offer, including 4k @ 120Hz gaming. It also has a few extra features designed for productivity, including a built-in keyboard video and mouse switch (KVM), so you can control two sources with a single keyboard and mouse. The large, high-resolution screen is great for multitasking and delivers superb text clarity. Unfortunately, it has a low contrast ratio, and although there's a local dimming feature, it's terrible, so it's not a good choice for a dark room, and the sRGB mode, which is the most accurate one out of the box, locks down almost all settings.

The Gigabyte M32U is an excellent gaming monitor, especially for Xbox Series S|X or Sony PS5 gamers. It has outstanding low input lag, resulting in a very responsive gaming experience. It also has an excellent response time when gaming at 120Hz, so there's very little blur behind fast-moving objects. It supports FreeSync variable refresh rate technology (VRR), and although it's not officially supported, it also works with NVIDIA's G-SYNC Compatible feature. It's also fully compatible with the PS5, and it supports most formats from the Xbox Series X.

  • HDMI 2.1 ports for Xbox Series S|X and Sony PS5 gamers.
  • Incredible response time.
  • Fast refresh rate.
  • Low contrast.
  • Most accurate sRGB mode locks down almost all settings.
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