Avatar 2

 At the box office, Avatar: The Way of Water is performing exceptionally well. The Walt Disney Company reported that after just 14 days in theaters, the follow-up to the all-time highest-grossing film has earned more than $1 billion globally.

In terms of video games, Activision's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II sold $1 billion worth of retail copies in just ten days, outpacing all other Call of Duty titles. However, since there are so many more variables and subtleties to take into account, comparing movies and video games is unfair and unsatisfactory.

Since Spider-Man: No Way Home in 2021, The Way of Water became the movie with the fastest global box office revenue of $1 billion. It is also the fourth Disney film to break $1 billion in its first two weeks, making it the sixth movie in history to do so.

Additionally, The Way of Water has surpassed Top Gun: Maverick to become 2022's biggest foreign release. Together, the two Avatar movies have made almost $4 billion.

Top Gun: Maverick continues to be the most grossing film worldwide in 2022 with $1.48 billion as opposed to The Way of Water's $1.1 billion. In comparison to domestic results ($338 million), The Way of Water's box office earnings were primarily driven by international markets ($762.8 million).

According to overall global box office receipts, The Way of Water comes in at number 33 on the list of all-time greatest films. Before its stay in theaters ends, it will keep rising the charts. The Way of Water is anticipated to have a lengthy and prosperous run in theaters because to its strong audience reviews, just to the 2009 original Avatar (which has the highest lifetime box office earnings of $2.92 billion).

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