Fortnite - Best Mobile Games on Apple and Android devices 2023


Platforms: iOSAndroidPCPlayStationXboxNintendo Switch

Fortnite arrived as a global phenomenon in 2017, allowing up to 100 players to compete against each other in online battle royale matches across gaming consoles and mobile devices. The game has maintained its popularity with a mix of fast-paced gunplay, unique building mechanics, and metaverse crossovers.

Unfortunately, ongoing legal disputes with Apple and Google led to Fortnite being removed from their respective app stores; though the game is still fully playable on mobile. Android users can install the Fortnite app directly from the official website or the Samsung app store. Apple users can stream Fortnite using Xbox Game Pass through the Xbox app without paying any subscription fees. Nvidia's GeForce Now app also offers free streaming for Apple users.

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