Sony would have planned a new very powerful PlayStation 5 for 2023

 It was Hideaki Nishino who put forward this hypothesis. Indeed, the vice-president of Sony affirmed that 2023 would again be an important year for the firm. If it marks the third year of the PS5, it could also sign the creation of a new console . The entrepreneur did not develop further on the subject, confident that certain information should for the moment remain confidential. "We believe that cumulative sales will exceed 37 million units by the end of fiscal year 2022, and that will also be a very important period for the platform," said Hideaki Nishino in an interview with Japanese media. Family. "I can't say more, but I hope you'll be looking forward to next year," he added. 

While nothing has yet been confirmed, rumors claim that if PS5 is released in 2023, it will have a detachable disc drive that players may or may not be able to purchase as an extra. A second hallway noise would evoke a more powerful model, called “Pro”, in the continuity of what was produced previously. Indeed, Sony released its PlayStation 4 Pro three years after the release of the PlayStation 4 . The answers to these questions could be provided as early as January 2023 during CES, the global innovation convention, where Sony should make an appearance, told ComicBook. 

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