Most Effective Gaming TV Under $300


TCL 32S327 Most Effective Gaming TV Under $300

Type LED
Resolution 1080p (except 32")
Sizes : 32

A 32-inch TV, like the TCL 32S327, is a fantastic option if you need a compact TV for a kitchen or guest room. Make sure to purchase the S327 model rather than the S325 model, which has a lower 720p resolution. It is a very basic TV with a 1080p resolution. It's a good TV for streaming video because it has Roku TV built in, which has many downloadable apps, so you won't need to connect any additional boxes in order to watch your preferred material.

Even though it displays a wide color gamut and delivers deep blacks, it doesn't get bright enough to really make a ton of highlights stand out in HDR. It has great gradient handling, but you may notice some banding with a few colors. Also, OLEDs have the risk of permanent burn-in, which could be problematic if you constantly watch the same content with static elements, but we don't expect it to be an issue for most people. All in all, it's the best TV with an OLED panel.

It easily upscales video with lower resolutions, which is crucial if you watch cable TV. Also, it offers outstanding out-of-the-box accuracy, which is amazing because you can't calibrate the TV and means you get true colors without any calibration. Being an entry-level 1080p TV, it has a few drawbacks, such as the lack of HDR compatibility and average picture quality, but it's adequate for watching your favorite cooking shows while preparing lunch or dinner.

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