Cash App - Best Cryptocurrency Apps For Crypto Trading In 2023


Square, Inc.’s Cash App allows users to transact, send, receive, bank, and invest in cryptocurrencies on a peer-to-peer. It now has more than 36 million users and is considered a safe cryptocurrency app. The app is ranked number one in the iOS finance category.

The app supports sending a limit of only $1,000 within 30 days. You can also increase the limits after some verification – after submitting your social security number, name, birthday, and other details. This means you would have to do some budgeting to stay within those limits.


  • Only for U.S. to the U.S. although U.K transactions supported. No other cross-border transactions are supported.
  • Direct deposits
  • No fees to send from the app or bank account
  • Android and iOS supported

Fees: Free to send from app or bank; 3% fee for sending from credit cards.

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